New Year, New Life, New Game

Oh my, it has been a long time since I last posted here. Almost seven years! It almost goes without saying that I don’t play Club Penguin anymore and that’s why I haven’t posted here in a long time.

Oh and I lost my password and had to figure out how to reset it. Not too difficult but it’s challenging nowadays with two-factor authentication and all that noise.

I think I want to get back into blogging as part of my New Year’s Resolutions. Even if I don’t keep up with them, it’s worth the effort.

Because I don’t play Club Penguin anymore — and neither do you because they finally shut the whole thing down — I need to pick something else to write about. If we go by what I’m playing now, that would either be Red Dead Redemption 2 or Fortnite.

Maybe I should write about both of those games?

Oh and if you still love Club Penguin (who doesn’t!) be sure to take a look at this site:

Club Penguin Rewritten

It’s a re-creation of the original Club Penguin game. Totally illegal but now that Disney shut down the original, maybe they will let this fan-created site stay?

P.S. I updated my WordPress theme because the old one was over 10 years old! Wow.



Club Penguin Easter Egg Scavenger Hunt 2012

The latest edition of the annual Club Penguin Easter Egg Hunt has begun! To get started, click on the big egg icon in the upper right corner of your screen.

  1. The first egg is in the Hidden Lake, on the left side.
  2. Club Penguin Easter Egg Hunt 2012 - Egg 1

  3. The second egg is in the book room on top of the coffee shop. Look in the lower-left corner behind the lamp on the table. It’s a little tricky to spot.
  4. Club Penguin Easter Egg Hunt 2012 - Egg 2

  5. The third egg is at the Beach, way over on the right hand side of the screen.
  6. Club Penguin Easter Egg Hunt 2012 - Egg 3

  7. You’ll find the fourth egg at the Mine Shack, up near the roof.
  8. Club Penguin Easter Egg Hunt 2012 - Egg 4

  9. The fifth egg is at the Cove, on top of the surf shack.
  10. Club Penguin Easter Egg Hunt 2012 - Egg 5

  11. The sixth egg is inside the Gift Shop up on top of the shelf with the wigs.
  12. Club Penguin Easter Egg Hunt 2012 - Egg 6

  13. Look for the seventh egg at the Ski Village. It’s up on top of the chair lift.
  14. Club Penguin Easter Egg Hunt 2012 - Egg 7

  15. The eighth and final egg is up on top of the lighthouse beacon.

After you have collected all eight eggs, click on the Claim Prize button to get your reward. It’s a set of Yellow Bunny Ears. Don’t they look festive?

Club Penguin Yellow Bunny Ears

Hope you had fun doing the Club Penguin Easter Egg Hunt 2012. Happy Easter!

Club Penguin Wearing Yellow Bunny Ears

Twisted Thicket Island on Poptropica

Poptropica just announced the name of their newest island. It’s called Twisted Thicket Island and it’s a kind of Norwegian forest mythology thing. You go deep into the woods and encounter fabled creatures of Norse legend. Oh, and there’s a bulldozer. Makes total sense, right?

They haven’t announced when it will be released, but I’m guessing it will be really soon. In the meantime, take a look at the trailer and more information from Fierce Moon at

Poptropica Cheats for Twisted Thicket Island

And in related news, Vampire’s Curse Island will be available for everyone to play (not just paid members) on Thursday, March 22. If you like vampires (who doesn’t?) definitely check it out. Paid members get a pretty cool exclusive vampire costume but only if they play the sneak peek before the island is available for everyone. Check out the full Vampire’s Curse Island Walkthrough if you get stuck.

OK, back to Club Penguin news now. I promise.

Hey I’ve Been Busy

Wow it has been a long time since I have posted here, everyone. So sorry about that. I guess I have just been busy and haven’t been playing Club Penguin that much. I did just check out the big Rockhopper’s Quest party last week. I’ve been playing a lot more Poptropica these days. The new Vampire’s Curse Island just came out and it’s pretty amazing. In it you have to rescue a teenager from a vampire who lives up in a creepy castle. You also must help cure everyone of vampirism by mixing a special potion.

Back to Club Penguin, there are still four days left for Rockhopper’s quest, so check it out if you haven’t tried it yet.

Club Penguin Halloween Party 2010

The new edition of the Club Penguin Halloween Party is here. There are a lot of things from previous parties that are back and plenty of new stuff, too. First things first: the free item! This year it’s the purple bat wings and you’ll find them in a box at the Plaza.

Club Penguin Purple Bat Wings

You’ll probably want to do the Halloween Candy Hunt too. This is a really fun scavenger hunt where you go around the island following clues to find pieces of candy. Club Penguin did a really good job of hiding them this year and they are tricky to find. The clues really help. Here is where they are all hidden.

  1. In the trees at the Beach
  2. In the trees at the Snow Forts
  3. Behind the pumpkin stem at the iceberg
  4. Up on the shelf with all the wigs in the Gift Shop
  5. Inside the Pizza Shop on the left side of the organ
  6. Inside the Ski Lodge above the fireplace
  7. Inside the giant cauldron in the Plaza
  8. On top of the Lighthouse next to the telescope

When you complete the Halloween Candy Hunt you’ll get the Forest Path Background as a prize. You’ll also earn the Scavenger Hunt stamp for your stamp book.

Members have two great rooms to visit at the Halloween Party and both are available through paths in the Forest. The first one is the Haunted House, which we saw last year. Anyone can go to the outside of the house, but only members can go inside. There’s a ghost costume available for free in a box on top of the stairs on the left side.

Haunted House in Club Penguin
Outside the Haunted House in Club Penguin

Members can also go into a special new room this year called the Dark Chamber. This is a series of rooms that you go through to get to a special Monster Maker area. The whole area is for members only and in the last room you’ll have a chance to meet Gary the Gadget Guy when he visits servers. You’ll also get some free items. They are a storm lantern which you use to find your way through the maze and the second is a pile o’ candy which you can use in your own igloo.

There are also lots of cool places to check out on the island for this year’s Halloween Party. My favorite is the iceberg, which has turned into a giant pumpkin. You can carve a jack-o-lantern out of it if you put on a construction helmet and use your jackhammer to drill by doing the dance move. Another great place to visit is the Beacon. The lantern has turned into a giant jack-o-lantern there as well.

Rockhopper Stamp

I got the Rockhopper Stamp today when I logged into Avalanche today after checking out SecretPenguin’s Rockhopper Tracker. So that is one out of eight character stamps. Seven more to go!

Rockhopper Stamp

And did you notice that the Rockhopper player card background changed? This is what it looks like now.

Rockhopper and Beztar

What do you think of the Club Penguin Fair this year? I like it but a lot of the events are just repeats. I think all of the events are repeats as a matter of fact. The prizes are pretty cool though. I have to go get enough tickets together to get that clown suit. It rocks!

Club Penguin Medieval Party 2010

The big Club Penguin Medieval Party arrived a little early yesterday. It’s a huge party like always and there is a lot to do. I think CP took a lot of things from last year’s party and just put them out again with no changes. I am really disappointed that the free item is the stupid blue wizard’s hat again. I wish they’d come up with something new. If you didn’t already have the hat, go to the lighthouse and get it. You’ll see it where they always put it for this party. It’s on the table in the bottom corner.

blue wizard hat in Club Penguin

The dragon in the Mine is back too. You can control him with the Switchbox 3000. Rawr!

Dragon in Mine in CP

There is also a new pin that came out with the party. It’s the shield pin. The pin is over at the Cove in the back.

Members get some new stuff and some old stuff too. There are now two Knight’s Quests for the party. The first is the exact same as last year’s but you get new prizes and the second is new. You have to be a paid member to do them and I let my membership expire so I couldn’t play them.

knight's quests in club penguin

Earth Day Party and New Pin

The Earth Day party just began on Club Penguin. It looks good. Go to town and you’ll see that the buildings are all green to help celebrate. The best part of the party is the Recycle Hunt which is a scavenger hunt all over the island that works exactly like the Easter Egg Hunt and the Halloween Candy hunt from last year. I think CP maybe felt bad about canceling the Easter Egg Hunt this year so this makes up for it.

When you finish the Recycle Hunt, you’ll get a special pin that gets you into the brand-new Recycling Center, which is next to the mine.

And also at the mine is the free item for the party! It’s the Straw Gardening Hat and you’ll get it right next to the mine.

And there is another pin available. It’s the Leaf Pin and it is hidden up on top of the Ski Hill right next to the sign for the Ridge Run ski race in the back.

April Fool’s on Club Penguin

Another year, another april fool’s party on Club Penguin. This one is a lot of fun. Many of the rooms in Club Penguin have been changed around with great tricks and surprises. Here’s a picture of the Forest, which is completely upside down!
Club Penguin Forest Upside Down

My favorite place is the Spinning Arrow Room, which is where the mine normally is. It’s a fun joke about how sometimes when you try to go to rooms you get stuck with the spinning arrows.
Club Penguin spinning arrow room

There are lots of other funny changes and surprises all over the island. Check out town with the invisible buildings and the dock. There are also lots of cardboard boxes around the place and many of them have funny things inside when you move your mouse cursor over them.

Club Penguin Play Awards 2010 Are Here

I haven’t played Club Penguin for a few weeks. Been busy with other stuff and I think the game has been getting a little boring lately. But I came back to check out the new edition of the Club Penguin Play Awards that started this weekend. They’re kind of like last year’s awards with a few changes. There is a free press hat at the Dock and you can vote for your favorite plays at the ballot box outside the awards in the plaza. Most of the plays nominated are the same ones as last year because Club Penguin didn’t have a lot of new plays at the stage this year.

Club Penguin Play Awards

Members can go backstage inside the Stage area to a special room that has two free items. There is a play awards statuette and a video camera in the backstage area. Also, DJ Cadence and Aunt Arctic have been making appearances inside this room.