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November 1, 2007

Club Penguin Secrets: Mission 1 Guide

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Club Penguin Secret Mission 1 Guide: Case of the Missing Puffles

This guide is for completing the first Club Penguin Secret Agent Mission called the Case of the Missing Puffles.

1. Go to the Secret Agent HQ and start the mission by clicking on the Top Secret icon in the lower-right corner of your screen. You’ll start by talking to Aunt Arctic who tells you that two of her Puffles have gone missing.

2. Go to the ice rink by clicking on the Map in the upper-left corner of your screen. Click on the right arrow to scroll to the right and you’ll see photos of the puffles in the corner of the screen. Click on the photos and drag them to your inventory to pick them up.

3. Go back to Aunt Arctic’s igloo by clicking on your map and then give her the photos by clicking on them in your inventory and then clicking on her. She will thank you for finding the photos.

4. The next step is to go to the Pet Shop. Scroll all the way to the left until you see a note attached to the top of the puffle house. It is a coded message. You can click on the code button on your screen to decode the message. The message will always say, “G Has _____ _____ Pairs of Socks.” The number always changes and can be one word or two. Once you have decoded the message, go to the Sport Shop and talk to G.

5. Tell G you want his special items. He will ask you how many pairs of socks he has. Type in your answer from the coded message and he will open his secret storage cabinet. There are two items in it, but you can only carry one at a time. First, click on the life preserver shooter and put it in your inventory.

6. Now go to the iceberg and use the life preserver shooter to rescue the penguins on the iceberg. You’ll need to adjust your aim based on which direction the wind is blowing and how strong it is. Once you rescue all the penguins, go back to the sport shop and get the grappling hook.

7. Go to the ski mountain. There will be a brown penguin crying about his broken telescope. Click on your spy phone and then click on the blinking red light marked tools. Then select the wrench tool and click on the broken telescope to fix it.

8. Use the telescope and scroll to the left until you see a green puffle flying around the mountain.

9. Click on your map and then click on the tallest mountain. Once you get there, use your grappling hook to get to the top. The puffles will talk to you and then you can return to Aunt Arctic who will thank you for rescuing her puffles. She will give you a medal and a letter.

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