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March 21, 2008

Club Penguin Easter Egg Hunt

Here is Where All the Eggs Are Hidden

The Easter Egg hunt has started on Club Penguin. Here is where all the eggs are.

The first egg is in the Mine.

Club Penguin Easter Egg One

The second egg is at the Dock.

Club Penguin Easter Egg Two

The third egg is in the Pet Shop, behind the red puffle in his cage.
Club Penguin Easter Egg Three

The fourth egg is on the top shelf in the Book Room on the second floor of the Coffee Shop.

Club Penguin Easter Egg Four

The fifth egg is in the poster in the Gift Shop.

Club Penguin Easter Egg Five

The sixth egg is in the lamp-post outside the theatre.

Club Penguin Easter Egg Six

The seventh egg is inside a box in the attic of the ski lodge.

Club Penguin Easter Egg Seven

The Eighth and final egg is harder to get. It is inside the Dojo in the mountains and it moves around a lot, appearing and disappearing like a ninja!

Club Penguin Easter Egg Eight

After you find all the eggs you’ll get the green bunny ears as a prize!

Club Penguin Bunny Ears


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