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July 15, 2008

New Features on Club Penguin Launched

Several New Features Launched on Club Penguin Today

Club Penguin launched several new features today. They disabled the servers for a while but when they came back up there were a lot of new features to check out.

New Server Selection Screen

The first thing you will notice is the new server selection screen. Now Club Penguin recommends servers for you to join. You can always get to the full list.

Penguin Mail

It’s kind of like postcards but you can send messages to your buddies even if they’re not online.

New Player Card

This one is nice. Now all of your items can be sorted by type which really helps if you’re a member and have a lot of stuff.

Igloo Background

They changed the background on the igloos so that you can see some of the area outside the igloo like the forest and the trees.

Lots More!

There are a lot more changes and I will post them here.


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