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April 1, 2009

Club Penguin April Fool’s Day

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April Fool’s Day is here again and the entire Club Penguin island is acting a little silly. There are cardboard boxes everywhere and if you move your mouse over them they do all kinds of silly things.

There is a free item for everyone. It is the blue propellor cap and you can get it from a cardboard box in the Mine.

Free Blue Propellor Cap in Mine

If you do the dance move while wearing just the cap you will float up in the air.

Flying with Blue Propellor Cap

It’s just like last year’s cap which was red. You can even switch them in mid-air and still be flying.

Flying in the Red Propellor Cap

The really weird part of April Fool’s on Club Penguin is the box store. Go to the snow forts and you will see it. Inside you can throw paint balloons at a canvas on the wall to paint it.

Painting in the box store

But the strangest thing is the portal box which members can buy. Put it in your igloo and walk on it to go to a place called the Box Dimension.

The Box Dimension


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