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December 17, 2009

Christmas Party Coming Soon

Only a few more hours left until Club Penguin rolls out the Christmas Party for 2009. I hope this year is a good one with lots of fun decorations and some decent new stuff for everyone and not just members. I hope the free item is good this year!

Want to see what earlier Club Penguin Christmas Parties looked like? Take a look at my posts from the past few years for a little tour!

Club Penguin Christmas Party 2007

Club Penguin Christmas Party 2008

December 28, 2007

Club Penguin New Year’s Party and Fireworks

New Year’s Party is Here

Well, it’s not exactly a huge party, but the fireworks are here in Club Penguin. These are the same ones they did last year, and they can be viewed from the mountain or the iceberg. Look up to the night sky to see them.

December 25, 2007

New Newspaper Out

The new newspaper is out early this week. The biggest news is that Coins for Change is over and the final results are out:

  • Kid’s Health: 39.4%
  • Environment: 33.0%
  • Kids Around the World: 27.6%

Club Penguin says that over 2.5 million penguins donated coins to the event and that over 2 billion coins were collected. Wow!

They also announced a special New Year’s celebration that will begin on December 28th and last until January 2.

The featured game is PizzaTron 3000.

Merry Christmas Penguins!

Merry Christmas, everyone. Thank U so much for visiting my blog this year. Have a happy New Year!!!


Club Penguin Scarf is Now Available

Everyone should now be able to get the scarf in the ski village. It is in a blue box outside the ski village. Just walk over the box to get the free scarf. Happy holidays!

Club Penguin Scarf on Beztar
Club Penguin Christmas Scarf in Ski Village

December 22, 2007

Club Penguin – New Pin in Lodge Attic

The Club Penguin Wreath Pin is located in the lodge. To get there, you need to climb up the stair ladder to the attic. See the pictures.


Club Penguin Wreath Pin

Club Penguin Christmas Party – Scarf

Some penguins are walking around wearing red and green scarves. They were able to get them in a box in the Ski Village and this is supposed to be another free item in addition to the Santa Hat and Reindeer Antlers. But there is a glitch and most penguins cannot see the box that gives them out. Apparently, Club Penguin is aware of the problem and will be fixing it over the weekend.

In the meantime, check out my complete Club Penguin Christmas Party Secrets post.

Props to antsrule for posting about the scarf glitch.

December 21, 2007

Club Penguin Christmas Party Secrets and Tips

Club Penguin Christmas Party Items

NOTE: This is for the 2007 Christmas Party. If you want details about the 2008 Club Penguin Christmas Party, be sure to read my Club Penguin 2008 Christmas Party Guide. Thank you!

The classic Christmas Party on Club Penguin has begun and there are a few free items that you can get.

The Red and Green Scarf

This free item is now available. It is available in the Ski Village inside a blue box.

The Reindeer Antlers

The reindeer antlers are at the dock.

The Santa Hat 

The Santa hat is available at the snow forts. 

The New Pin

The new wreath pin is hidden in the attic at the lodge. You need to enter the ski lodge and then click on the ladder in the back. The pin is right next to the rocking horse. If you’re having trouble finding it, see this post (screenshots).

The Bell 

You can still get the free Coins for Change bell at two locations. They are in boxes at the plaza and the beach. The Christmas Party is always one of the best Club Penguin parties of the year and this one is no exception!

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Club Penguin Christmas Party Santa HatClub Penguin Christmas Party Reindeer Antlers

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