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January 28, 2010

Caves Closing in Club Penguin

I guess the new secret caves that opened up in the Mine are going to close tomorrow. The CP newspaper has a story about how the caves will close for a while. It sounds like they will re-open in a month with Rory the construction penguin figures out a safe way to re-open them.

It also sounds like a new play is coming to the stage on February 12 and it will be called, Secrets of the Bamboo Forest.

November 26, 2007

Get Money Fast in Club Penguin with Cart Surfer

UPDATE: I have done a lot of testing on both Cart Surfer and Pizza Tron 3000 and have created a new page that shows which way is the fastest way to make coins on Club Penguin.

I wrote the other day about how you could get money in Club Penguin really fast playing Pizza Tron 3000 and if you’re really good you can earn more than 1,000 coins in less than six minutes. That’s almost 200 coins per minute!!!Cart Surfer in Club PenguinSome people said that Cart Surfer is a better and faster way to earn coins. I haven’t played much Cart Surfer before but I decided to check it out. You can earn coins pretty fast and it is a little easier than Pizza Tron 3000 although it takes really good timing and knowledge of the secret combo moves to get the most points. I cannot help you with the skillz but here are the secret combo moves.The most important thing to remember is to always alternate between special moves. Do not repeat the same move one after the other because you only get half the points per move if you do that. It’s much better to alternate every time because then you get the full points each time and it really adds up. Here they are:When you’re on going in a straight line (meaning no turns coming up) do these. Remember to alternate!1. Backflip: Press the DOWN arrow key, then SPACE.2. Spin: Press SPACE, and then LEFT or RIGHT while in the air.When a turn is approaching, press DOWN and hold LEFT on a left turn or RIGHT on a right turn to grind. Hold the grind until your penguin flips the cart twice.Here’s a bonus tip that seems silly at first. If you still have extra lives left be sure to intentionally crash your penguin on the last turn so that you start over. That’s because you’ll get to do the whole course over and earn lots of points instead of being kicked back out of the game to the mine and having to start over. It can save you 20-30 seconds which doesn’t seem like a lot but it can definitely add up if you’re going for faster coins.I still don’t think Cart Surfer is as fast as Pizza Tron 3000 for points but maybe that is just because I am not good enough at it. lol. If you know of some other special moves to get even more points leave a comment.Here’s the entrance to the Cart Surfer game:Club Penguin Cart Surfer EntranceHere I am doing the spin move:Cart Surfer in Club Penguin - Spin MoveAnd here is the backflip move:Cart Surfer in Club Penguin - Backflip Move

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