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March 31, 2010

April Fool’s on Club Penguin

Another year, another april fool’s party on Club Penguin. This one is a lot of fun. Many of the rooms in Club Penguin have been changed around with great tricks and surprises. Here’s a picture of the Forest, which is completely upside down!
Club Penguin Forest Upside Down

My favorite place is the Spinning Arrow Room, which is where the mine normally is. It’s a fun joke about how sometimes when you try to go to rooms you get stuck with the spinning arrows.
Club Penguin spinning arrow room

There are lots of other funny changes and surprises all over the island. Check out town with the invisible buildings and the dock. There are also lots of cardboard boxes around the place and many of them have funny things inside when you move your mouse cursor over them.

March 20, 2010

Club Penguin Play Awards 2010 Are Here

I haven’t played Club Penguin for a few weeks. Been busy with other stuff and I think the game has been getting a little boring lately. But I came back to check out the new edition of the Club Penguin Play Awards that started this weekend. They’re kind of like last year’s awards with a few changes. There is a free press hat at the Dock and you can vote for your favorite plays at the ballot box outside the awards in the plaza. Most of the plays nominated are the same ones as last year because Club Penguin didn’t have a lot of new plays at the stage this year.

Club Penguin Play Awards

Members can go backstage inside the Stage area to a special room that has two free items. There is a play awards statuette and a video camera in the backstage area. Also, DJ Cadence and Aunt Arctic have been making appearances inside this room.

July 26, 2008

Club Penguin Music Party – The Dojo

The coolest place for the music party is the at the Dojo. There are four colored squares on the ground and as long as one penguin in the room is standing on a square, the instrument behind it will play. You can play music with friends by stepping on some or all of the squares at once. It’s fun if you go on a less crowded server otherwise there are too many penguins in the Dojo all at once.

Playing music at the Dojo

Playing music at the Dojo

July 25, 2008

Club Penguin Secrets – Music Catalog

There’s a secret red electric guitar in the music catalog. First you need to be a member and get into the backstage VIP area. You get there if you buy a backstage pass at the booth in the snow forts. Then go backstage at the Dock. There is a box in the corner with a few musical instruments that you can buy.

The box of instruments

The box of instruments

Click on the dot in the i at the top to get the red guitar.

Click on the \"i\" to get the secret item

Club Penguin Music Party is Here

Clubpenguin Music Festival Begins

Club Penguin Stage at the Dock

Club Penguin Stage at the Dock

There is a huge music party and festival going on in Club Penguin starting today. You don’t want to miss it. Almost all of the places in Club Penguin are decorated with different themes of music. Everything from big stadium rock concerts to classical.

The free Music Jam T-shirt is available in the Plaza.

Free Music Jam T-Shirt

Free Music Jam T-Shirt

The Maracas are found in the Cove

Free Maracas!

Free Maracas!

There is a really cool backstage VIP area. You first need to go to the Snow Forts to buy a backstage pass at the booth. Then you go to the Dock and click on the VIP sign to get in. You need to be a member to buy the backstage pass and get into the VIP area.

Buy your backstage pass at the snow forts

Buy your backstage pass at the snow forts

Find the backstage entrance at the Dock.

Find the backstage entrance at the Dock.

Here is a cool pic of what it looks like backstage.

Backstage at the Club Penguin Music Party

Backstage at the Club Penguin Music Party

July 23, 2008

New Feature – Scrollable Member Igloo List

Club Penguin added a small new feature. There is now a scrollable list in the member igloos area so it is even easier to find igloo parties and other penguin igloos.

Club Penguin Member Scrollable Igloo List

July 19, 2008

Music Party Preview

The main CP blog has this photo on the site. It is a preview of the upcoming music party that starts this Friday. The stage and the instruments make this look like it will be a country western theme. Also the filename that CP uses for the image is CountryWest_01.jpg so that is another good clue. 🙂

I hope they have other music besides Country Western because we already had the Western theme party twice in the past year.

Club Penguin Country Western Music Party

March 14, 2008

Club Penguin St. Patrick’s Day Party and More

The Club Penguin St. Patrick’s Day Party has begun and everything in Club Penguin is looking very nice and green.

The Club Penguin band has returned and they are playing in the Night Club.


The pin is hidden downstairs in the boiler room.


There is a free gigantic St. Patrick’s Day party hat in the ski village.


November 22, 2007

Surprise Party Coming

According to the latest newspaper, there will be a surprise party on Club Penguin starting tomorrow. The theme will whatever got the most votes in the poll. My vote is for a Western theme. Yee-haw!

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