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March 20, 2010

Club Penguin Play Awards 2010 Are Here

I haven’t played Club Penguin for a few weeks. Been busy with other stuff and I think the game has been getting a little boring lately. But I came back to check out the new edition of the Club Penguin Play Awards that started this weekend. They’re kind of like last year’s awards with a few changes. There is a free press hat at the Dock and you can vote for your favorite plays at the ballot box outside the awards in the plaza. Most of the plays nominated are the same ones as last year because Club Penguin didn’t have a lot of new plays at the stage this year.

Club Penguin Play Awards

Members can go backstage inside the Stage area to a special room that has two free items. There is a play awards statuette and a video camera in the backstage area. Also, DJ Cadence and Aunt Arctic have been making appearances inside this room.

March 20, 2009

Aunt Arctic

Aunt Arctic is appearing at the Club Penguin Play Awards. You can spot her sometimes backstage on the more popular servers. She is a green penguin and wears a pink hat. The best way to find her is to stay on one server backstage and wait for her to arrive. When she does, click on her and then click on the little brown box at the bottom of her player card to get a free gift. That free gift is a player card background for you with her picture and autograph.


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