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November 2, 2009

Strange Sign at Dojo

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Help Goldsmiths Build Amulets

Well this interesting sign showed up outside the Dojo. There’s more strange stuff going on. If you go inside the secret ninja hideout and open the catalog there is a new item in there called the goldsmith apron. It costs 100 coins.

Goldsmith Apron

This is all building up to something involving ninjas, the dojo and probably the Card-Jitsu game.

October 30, 2009

Club Penguin Halloween Party 2009

Hi guys. Sorry I am kind of late for posting about the Club Penguin Halloween Party for this year. I just logged onto it today for the first time because I have been kind of busy. It’s a really good party!

Free Club Penguin Pumpkin Antennae

Here’s the things you need to know!

  • Free item is at the plaza. It’s a pumpkin antennae.
  • There is a haunted house at the mine for members and it rocks.
  • Go inside the haunted house to get a members-only free item. It is a pumpkin head.
  • There is a Halloween candy hunt that everyone can do. Click on the Jack-o-Lantern in the upper corner to start. It’s right next to the big M moderator button.
  • There is a secret lab for members to enter. It’s pretty awesome and Gary shows up there from time to time.

October 23, 2009

Club Penguin 4th Year Anniversary Party and Hat

The Club Penguin 4th Year Anniversary Party is here. It’s one day only and you’ll find everything inside the coffee shop. The colors for the party are blue and purple and that’s also the colors for the stripes on the 4th Year Party Hat.

To get the hat click on the pinata hanging over the stairs. Click it once to make it move and then click it again to make it drop the hat onto the floor. Then you can pick up the hat.

The party only lasts for one day!

Club Penguin 4th Year Anniversary Party

October 22, 2009

4th Anniversary Pin

The anniversary party starts (and ENDS) tomorrow, on Saturday. And since today is a new pin day, the newest and greatest collectible pin on Club Penguin is the 4th anniversary pin. It’s a little cake with a big 4 candle sitting right on top. You can find the newest pin down in the Boiler Room. It’s over on the left next to the boiler.

Club Penguin 4th Anniversary Pin

Mmm. Cake. See you at the party on Saturday!

October 8, 2009

Haunted House on Poptropica

Hey, sometimes I play other games besides Club Penguin and one of the ones I like a lot is Poptropica. There’s a new mission on it today called Haunted House and it’s really awesome. It’s not as big as some of the other island missions that you normally do, but this one is crazy fun. It takes place inside a Haunted House and you have to do a bunch of puzzles and stuff to collect all the items for a big party at the end. The scenery is really spooky. It’s a great-looking haunted house.

Here’s a link to the haunted house walkthrough. Some of the parts of this quest are kind of tough I thought.

And here’s a good Youtube walkthrough for it!

August 28, 2009

Fall Fair Preparations

The Fall Fair preparations are underway. Go to the lighthouse and look inside to see boxes everywhere. It looks like the Fall Fair is going to be a huge party. It will run from September 4 through September 13. Oh and Rockhopper is going to be there for the start of the party. His ship has appeared on the horizon if you look through the telescope up at the Beacon. Yay, Rockhopper!

Club Penguin Fall Fair Preparations

Koi Fish Pin

The new pin is the Club Penguin Koi Fish Pin and you won’t have to look too hard to find it. Waddle over to the Cove and you will see the Koi Fish pin right next to the umbrella over where the little campfire is on the left. It’s very easy to see.

Club Penguin Koi Fish Pin

August 15, 2009

New Sand Castle Pin

The newest pin is the Sand Castle Pin. You can see it inside the Mine. Go to the Mine on the map and then walk inside the mine to get the pin. It is on the wall next to the cave on the left side.

Club Penguin Sand Castle Pin

July 20, 2009

Music Jam and Free Item

Hey It’s been a while since I have posted. Sorry but I took a short break from Club Penguin to play some other games. Anyway it is Music Jam 2009 time and it’s a good party. It is a lot like last year.

The free item this year is the green headphones. They are at the Cove in a box in the back.

Free green headphones in Club Penguin

Club Penguin Green Headphones

A lot of the rooms in Club Penguin are decorated really well for the party. And you can meet DJ Cadence on the roof of the night club and the Club Penguin Band shows up backstage at the Dock.

June 8, 2009

Club Penguin June 2009 Clothing Catalog Cheats

Hey I know this is a little late but my computer didn’t work all weekend. Here are the cheats and secrets for the June 2009 issue of Penguin Style, the Club Penguin Clothing catalog.

Club Penguin Clothing Catalog

  • To get the canteen, click on the rock in the lower left corner.
  • Click on the brick in the wall behind the king to get the crystal staff.
  • Click on the window on the right on the same page to get the woodsman’s hat.
  • Click on the shadow of the dragon behind the staircase to get the blue dragon’s costume.
  • Click on the coffee cup on the left on the table to get the black graduation cap.
  • Click where the spotlights cross on the clearance page to get the red viking helmet.
  • Click on the red viking helmet and then repeat three times to get the blue viking helmet.
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