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April 22, 2010

Earth Day Party and New Pin

The Earth Day party just began on Club Penguin. It looks good. Go to town and you’ll see that the buildings are all green to help celebrate. The best part of the party is the Recycle Hunt which is a scavenger hunt all over the island that works exactly like the Easter Egg Hunt and the Halloween Candy hunt from last year. I think CP maybe felt bad about canceling the Easter Egg Hunt this year so this makes up for it.

When you finish the Recycle Hunt, you’ll get a special pin that gets you into the brand-new Recycling Center, which is next to the mine.

And also at the mine is the free item for the party! It’s the Straw Gardening Hat and you’ll get it right next to the mine.

And there is another pin available. It’s the Leaf Pin and it is hidden up on top of the Ski Hill right next to the sign for the Ridge Run ski race in the back.

November 23, 2009

Club Penguin Card-Jitsu Fire is Here

The Card-Jitsu Fire game just came out today and it’s pretty awesome. It’s a lot different than the main Card-Jitsu game and up to four penguins can play the game at once. Instead of belts, you earn pieces of your Fire Suit. The first part of the suit that you can win is the flame sandals. The other parts are the fire coat, the fire mask and the fire helmet.

Club Penguin Flame Sandals

November 6, 2009

Club Penguin Sled Pin

Hey, there is another new pin out there in Club Penguin. It’s the Sled Pin and it looks like a little brown toboggan. It’s up on top of the mountain and you can see it underneath the ski lift over on the right hand side.

Sled Pin in Club Penguin

September 15, 2009

Sensei’s Scavenger Hunt

Wow. Big surprise yesterday with a new thing on Club Penguin called Sensei’s Scavenger Hunt. I think everyone knows that strange things have been happening with fire around Club Penguin. The latest is that the island background is now all orange like a sunset (or a giant forest fire?) and there is a new event called Sensei’s Scavenger Hunt. It’s pretty cool. Here is how it works.

First, start the hunt by clicking on the fire symbol up in the corner of the screen. It’s the right corner and is the same place where the Easter Egg and the Halloween Candy hunts start.

Now go find the eight hidden items. There are clues. If you need more help, I have some screen shots and a list below. But they are spoilers so don’t read below if you don’t want the surprises ruined. The clues make it pretty easy so give it a try without using these scavenger hunt cheats first. BTW, credit to SecretPenguin for these. He has an awesome video on YouTube that shows you how to find everything.

OK, here’s how to find them all.

  • Ski Lodge: look in the fireplace
  • Book Room: There’s a candle in the bookcase
  • Puffle Shop: Click on the black puffle up in the cage. You need to click on him twice.
  • Mine: Go inside and click on the lantern.
  • Pizza Shop: There is a hot sauce bottle on the mantle. Click on it.
  • Cove: Click on the stick at the bottom of the campfire.
  • Beacon/Lighthouse: Up on top of the beacon you will see the Jet Pack that is part of the Jet Pack adventure game. Click on it.
  • Dojo Courtyard: There are two lanterns with paper hanging down. Click on the left one.

There you go. Cool and fun new thing from Club Penguin and a big surprise. Read the message in the Dojo Courtyard because it talks about a new ninja thing coming.

August 28, 2009

Koi Fish Pin

The new pin is the Club Penguin Koi Fish Pin and you won’t have to look too hard to find it. Waddle over to the Cove and you will see the Koi Fish pin right next to the umbrella over where the little campfire is on the left. It’s very easy to see.

Club Penguin Koi Fish Pin

June 26, 2009

Club Penguin Sensei to Appear Next Weekend

Hey, the latest newspaper announces a lot of things, but one of the biggest is that the Sensei will start appearing in game next weekend in the ninja hideout. He’ll probably have a special background like Rockhopper does and he will move from server to server all weekend. SecretPenguin is working on a sensei tracker that he will launch next week. I wish I knew how to make those things but I can’t program. lol.

A lot of people are saying that Sensei already appears in the dojo when you play the card jitsu game but this will be different. He will move around and talk like Rockhopper and Aunt Arctic and Gary do when they appear in the game. He’ll be there from July 3-5 so it will be a short visit.

January 19, 2009

New Membership Promotions

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Club Penguin changed the opening screen today to show random promotions and advertisements to become a member. If you’re already a member, you got a special thank-you postcard in your penguin mail. Along with the members-only party going on right now (it was extended through tomorrow) it looks like Club Penguin is making a really big push to get more memberships.

Member Thanks

Also, as the postcard mentions, if you’re a member, now you get a special badge on your player card so that other penguins know for sure that you’re a member. It seems a little silly since most people know that penguins wearing cool outfits have to be members but the badge is still kind of nice.


December 12, 2008

Coins for Change and Free Bell

Coins for Change and the Free Bell

Coins for Change has returned to Club Penguin along with Rockhopper, who just arrived on his ship, the Migrator. There are three Coins for Change stations. They are at the plaza, the lighthouse and inside Rockhopper’s Captain’s Quarters on the Migrator.


This year they’re also giving away the free bell. You can get it at either the Plaza or outside the lighthouse, next to the Coins for Change buckets. Once you have the bell, you can ring it if you put it in your hand and then do the Club Penguin wave move.

The Wave Move in Club Penguin

You can ring my bell


Don’t forget that Rockhopper is on the island, so if you see him, post a comment here. You can also use this Rockhopper Tracker to find out the last server he was on.

December 5, 2008

Club Penguin Snow Fort Pin

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The new pin is a snow fort and it is inside the Pet Shop. It’s definitely here to celebrate all of the upcoming winter festivities on Club Penguin!


September 20, 2008

September Igloo Catalog Cheats and Secrets

Here are all of the new September, 2008 igloo catalog cheats and secrets.

Click on the Wall Chalkboard to get the standing Chalkboard.


Click on the flames inside the pizza oven to make them start moving. Then click on them a second time to get the stainless steel fridge.


Click on the green music note in the Music Notes wall background to get the guitar stand.


Click on the umbrella on the umbrella table to get the blender.


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