Hot Chocolate Pin

New pin today, too! It’s the Hot Chocolate Pin. Very tasty, too! You can find it in the Coffee Shop over on the left. It’s very easy to spot. While I was there just now I spotted another famous CP Blogger, ChrisDog93. I think he was probably taking a screenshot of the pin too.

Club Penguin Card-Jitsu Fire

I’ve been playing too much Farmville these days and not enough Club Penguin! I just learned about the new Card-Jitsu Fire expansion pack coming out. The new Card-Jitsu Fire game is for members only and takes place at the new Volcano that just opened up. You have to be a ninja and a member to […]

Club Penguin Awards

The Club Penguin Awards have started and the stage looks like an awards show. There are fancy decorations and an awards podium. There is also a big screen that shows clips from the nominated plays. Pressing on the Switchbox 3000 makes confetti appear on the stage. There are a few hidden items in the Costume […]

Igloo Catalog Secrets and Cheats

Club Penguin has a new igloo furniture catalog for the holidays with many items to decorate your igloo for the season. There are also a few hidden cheats and secrets in the catalog. Click on the red ribbon to get the leaning tree. Click on the control terminal to get the welcome mat. Click on […]

Watex banned permanently by WordPress

Watex’s blog was banned permanently by WordPress for posting about a program. I’m not going to mention it because I don’t want to get banned too. Watex has a temporary site where he explains why he got banned. We’ll miss you, Watex. Hope you get your site back!

September Igloo Catalog Cheats and Secrets

Here are all of the new September, 2008 igloo catalog cheats and secrets. Click on the Wall Chalkboard to get the standing Chalkboard. Click on the flames inside the pizza oven to make them start moving. Then click on them a second time to get the stainless steel fridge. Click on the green music note […]

Newspaper – Fall Fair and More on Club Penguin

The newspaper is out again and the big story is the upcoming Fall Fair which begins Friday, September 26 and will last all the way until October 5. The story mentions that there were several unopened boxes from last year’s party so there will be some new surprises. Maybe some new games. There is also […]

Upcoming Events on Club Penguin

Billybob posted on the official blog letting us know about several upcoming events. Some of them were already mentioned in the newspaper. Here is the list. The Fall Fair party (all the favorites from last year plus new stuff!) A visit from Rockhopper (who always brings cool stuff!) Halloween Party (complete with an igloo decorating […]

Club Penguin Pins for the Detective Play

There’s not one but two pins to find in Club Penguin now. One is easy and the other is really secret. The first pin is the magnifying glass pin. It is in the tree at the dock. The ruby pin is a little harder to find. You need to go to the stage and then […]

Club Penguin Detective Play Catalog Secret

There’s a secret item in the new costume catalog for the play in Club Penguin. Go to the page with the penguin in the blue suit and click on the doorknob to get the dark detective coat.