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October 28, 2010

Club Penguin Halloween Party 2010

The new edition of the Club Penguin Halloween Party is here. There are a lot of things from previous parties that are back and plenty of new stuff, too. First things first: the free item! This year it’s the purple bat wings and you’ll find them in a box at the Plaza.

Club Penguin Purple Bat Wings

You’ll probably want to do the Halloween Candy Hunt too. This is a really fun scavenger hunt where you go around the island following clues to find pieces of candy. Club Penguin did a really good job of hiding them this year and they are tricky to find. The clues really help. Here is where they are all hidden.

  1. In the trees at the Beach
  2. In the trees at the Snow Forts
  3. Behind the pumpkin stem at the iceberg
  4. Up on the shelf with all the wigs in the Gift Shop
  5. Inside the Pizza Shop on the left side of the organ
  6. Inside the Ski Lodge above the fireplace
  7. Inside the giant cauldron in the Plaza
  8. On top of the Lighthouse next to the telescope

When you complete the Halloween Candy Hunt you’ll get the Forest Path Background as a prize. You’ll also earn the Scavenger Hunt stamp for your stamp book.

Members have two great rooms to visit at the Halloween Party and both are available through paths in the Forest. The first one is the Haunted House, which we saw last year. Anyone can go to the outside of the house, but only members can go inside. There’s a ghost costume available for free in a box on top of the stairs on the left side.

Haunted House in Club Penguin

Outside the Haunted House in Club Penguin

Members can also go into a special new room this year called the Dark Chamber. This is a series of rooms that you go through to get to a special Monster Maker area. The whole area is for members only and in the last room you’ll have a chance to meet Gary the Gadget Guy when he visits servers. You’ll also get some free items. They are a storm lantern which you use to find your way through the maze and the second is a pile o’ candy which you can use in your own igloo.

There are also lots of cool places to check out on the island for this year’s Halloween Party. My favorite is the iceberg, which has turned into a giant pumpkin. You can carve a jack-o-lantern out of it if you put on a construction helmet and use your jackhammer to drill by doing the dance move. Another great place to visit is the Beacon. The lantern has turned into a giant jack-o-lantern there as well.

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